“What is your fondest memory looking back on Thanksgiving Day Holidays?”

“My favorite Thanksgiving memory is visiting my grandparents in West Pittston, Pennsylvania and having a big Thanksgiving with our extended family. It would take us several hours to get there and then, we’d all pitch in and help prepare the food. We went there every year while I was a young girl.”

Denise Burnette,

Prospect Hill. NC

“My wife’s momma and step-father moved down to Macon, Ga., in the early 80’s. We ended up having five-day traditional celebrations for about 15 or 18 years in a row. It was a “three-sister” family and everyone came down with their husbands and children. What it did was make all my brothers-in-law became my brothers, if that makes sense. All the children grew up, sharing those times and are like brothers and sisters now. The three sisters even became closer. It was a great family celebration and 20 years later, we all remain very close.”

Buddy Rawley,

Danville, Va.

“My best memory of Thanksgiving was when I had both of my parents living and we were able to have Thanksgiving dinner at my mother’s house. We enjoyed having traditional food like turkey, gravy, and the dressing, green beans and candied yams.”

Alfreda Corbett,

Bartlett Yancey High School,

Yanceyville, NC

“Well, there’s a whole bunch of them. The most recent Thanksgiving memory was last year, which was our first year in our new house with all three kids and all our surviving grandparents and parents. My grandpa came up and a tradition for him was to deep-fry a turkey. So, me and him deep-fried a turkey in the new workshop I just built. All our kids could get out there and we had three generations cooking a turkey together! Yes, the Good Lord has blessed us.”

Coty Redding,

Prospect Hill, NC