“What resources do you use to find out about current events in Caswell County?”

“I certainly read the Caswell Messenger and I do visit their website quite often probably more than I read the printed version. I also visit Caswell Cares; It’s part of my responsibility for the college as I serve on the health collaborative for the county with Shannon Moretz . There’s a lot of information on Caswell Cares and I don’t think enough people access that site. And then, because I’m on a lot of committees, I also service the president, Amanda Hodges, of the Chamber of Commerce. Word of mouth and meetings are really big sources of information.” Emily Buchanan,

Mebane, NC

“We own 86 Convenient Mart so we hear a lot of word through there and from everybody who’s on Facebook. We read the Caswell Messenger and sell it at our store and that goes in and out our door all the time. I pass out flyers in my car, that’s part of my job here at PCC, to all the businesses. We have our Forklift Flyer and Our Certified Production Technician flyer that has a lot of information about the community.”

Madison Carroll,

Providence, NC

“As far as news around here, I do look at the Caswell Messenger because I do live in Timberlake, North Carolina (30 miles southeast). I don’t know what goes on in Caswell County until I get to work and talk to the people here. And I do read the Caswell Messenger when I’m here. I do not go online and do social media.”

Bob Hayes,

Timberlake, NC

“I get my information about Caswell County from the Caswell Messenger. I go online and plus I look at the paper, weekly. I’m a member of the community so when people talk, you get your information that way. I try and keep informed.”

Martha Pruitt,

Pelham, NC