“Which do you enjoy the most, summer or fall, in North Carolina?”

“I actually love the summers here. The only thing I miss about my former home, Massachusetts, is my kids. I’m actually happy all year round, love my bubble, and my little sanctuary that my husband and I are creating.” Debra Ann Stout,

Hurdle Mills, NC

“Am I glad to see summer go? Yes and no. Yes, because I hate humidity and mosquitoes! I love the cool crisp fall air nights because we have a fire pit we light at night, and I love the flowers that are in full bloom and that we will enjoy until the first frost. The reason I hate to see summer go is because in this stage of my life, everything seems to be flying by and going too fast. I want it to slow down so we can enjoy every season. We never know how many more seasons we’re going to have.”

Conni Rippy,

Hurdle Mills, NC

“I do love the summertime, but fall is my favorite! I like the cool air, I like to see the leaves turn and the aesthetics of it all. Fall is like a slow-down period and I like that. It is my favorite time of the year,”

Stephanie Hollifield,

Reidsville, NC

“I don’t mind the summertime heat, but Fall is one of my favorite seasons. I love the cooler weather, and the fall garden. It’s also a great time to get out and look for fall mushrooms!”

Lucas Bernard,

Blanch, NC