“What do you think the new Veterans Memorial will mean to the Caswell County community?” September 2, 2020

“I believe it will be a showplace and, respectively, more memorials will follow from the town after they take a closer look at it.”

John Claggett


“If people honor the Memorial as it should be, it will be a great thing. It’s the right thing to do for county veterans. The Caswell County Committee deserves a big pat on the back for raising the money for the Memorial.”

Earl Crews


“It honors all Caswell County veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice. The Memorial will be a place where family and friends can visit and remember their loved one.”

Bill Carroll


“The Memorial represents a great sense of pride especially for veterans who served our country and their families. This will be a great attraction for the county where every one, including those passing through, can spend time paying their respects.”

Leroy Harrelson