“What is the significance of Piedmont Community College’s Agribusiness Program in the Caswell County community?”

“The program is an asset to the county because seniors, that can’t get to the grocery store, depend on it. This PCC group gives us what they’ve grown (sweet potatoes, mixed greens) and we have “drive through” where we distribute it. I’m getting ready to take a majority of this to the Senior Center for the people who can’t get out to pick fresh salad.”

Paul Robinson,

Caswell County Outreach Ministry.

Yanceyville, NC

“This program is important because not only does it help me learn how to start my own business, someday, but we can provide nutrition to people while we’re learning about growing crops, germinating seeds and selling what is grown from those seeds.”

Laura Young,

Pelham, NC

“The importance of the Ag Business program to the community is that it helps me be a better farmer; by putting back into the environment and the fields, improving my agricultural practices.”

Dylan V. Pruitt,

Cherry Grove, NC

“I’m the extension agent in town and I work with the small farmers. There is a new transition coming in agriculture. Most of the farmers are “aging out” and we need this program to be the liaison between agriculture and business for the new farmers. This program teaches “how to run a business” and “how to farm”. That’s how they can be successful.”

Anass Banna,

Greensboro, NC