"Would you be supportive of changing the National Anthem? This topic keeps coming up in the media."

“No! What else do I need to say? The anthem has been there forever. Why do want to change it or do away with it? It doesn’t make no sense!

Jorene England,

Milton, NC

“Well, I would like for it to be changed, but it’s alright if they do it or don’t.”

Alvera Lipscomb,

Blanch, NY

“I think it should stay like it is because that’s what we grew up with and we know those words. I don’t see why they should change them because it’s our heritage. I learned it in school and I’ve always like the words because they’re true. There should just be no changes in it!”

Ardell Lipscomb,

Yanceyville, NC

“No, I don’t want it changed! I want to leave it like it is. It’s what I grew up with, it’s what I believe in. I live for Jesus Christ and I thank God that’s what been bestowed so many benefits on this country and I wouldn’t change nothing!”

Joe Perry,

Yanceyville, NC