“What dish or food item is absolutely mandatory on your family’s Thanksgiving Day table?”

“My first thought was corn-bread stuffing with Andouiile sausage.! I never really liked the traditional casseroles. Oh yeah, I have to have that Brussel sprout casserole with the Gruyere cheese. Oh, my gosh! That’s the one!”

Ashley Burr,

Yanceyville, NC

“I love my Green Bean Casserole. Ashley (Burr) doesn’t like it, but I like it. My grandmother makes it so when we go up to Philadelphia this Thanksgiving, I’m going to get some!”

Charles Smith,

Yanceyville, NC

“That would be turkey! Got to have turkey, it’s been our traditional family dish ever since I was a child. If that’s missing, it just doesn’t seem like Thanksgiving. We used to baked it in the oven but in the last five years, my brother has been deep-frying the whole turkey and it turns out delicious.”

Jennifer Jones Daye,

Roxboro, NC

“Goodness, let me think. It’s not dessert. It’s got to be a savory dish. We like a good roasted root vegetable dish. We do some cauliflower, Brusssel sprouts, chick peas, sweet potatoes or butternut squash. We mix it with butter, salt and pepper, chopped bacon and some of the bacon grease. We roast each vegetable separately, it takes a lot more time, but they seem to come out better. It’s delicious.”

Celia Spillmann,

Yanceyville, NC