“Do you think that Yanceyville’s “Second Saturday” promotion will be good for downtown business and its culture? Why or why not?”

“I think it’s an awesome opportunity once everyone knows about it. I think that’s the biggest key to its success. Anybody with any cultural presence about themselves will come. I am a member of the Caswell Council of the Arts and I got the email about the show here. I haven’t been active but I hope that will change, especially now. I can plan to be here every second Saturday and see what other artists are doing. I’m an artist, myself.

James Menefee,

Danville, VA.

“Second Saturday” will definitely be good for the community having businesses open when they are not at peak business hours. A lot of the community that works during the weekdays will be able to come and visit, which is very important for the local people to be able to come together and have outlets for creativity within its own community.”

Julia Fair,

Yanceyville, NC

“I think that ‘Second Saturday’ is a great idea for the community to get people “out and about” exploring Yanceyville. Hopefully we can get it to be popular and have more business here on every Saturday. That would be very helpful!”

Lori Stich,

Yanceyville, NC

“I think it’s a good start but it needs more publicizing of the events. It may need more outside stores and activity (street sales) to attract the people when they start doing things in the next few months and are driving through town.”

Ronald Francis,

Woodleaf, NC