“What do you think about the virtual learning for Caswell County Schools?”

“The last nine weeks has been a real experience. It’s been a nightmare for me and my child. It’s difficult to complete the assignments. It’s very hard for a 13-year-old. As a parent I’m stressed out and so is my child. However, the teachers and staff at N. L. Dillard Middle School are wonderful and I thank them.”

Nicole Smith


“It’s so stressful at home. Most parents work eight-ten hours a day, then Mom and Dad come home from work and might spend another five or six hours helping with schoolwork. What are the kids doing all day when parents are at work? Not all parents can afford tutors and Internet. I don’t understand.”

Troy Smith


“Why can’t they put more energy into getting students back in school instead of promoting permanent virtual options? We need more funding to get good quality teachers. At the same time, teacher abuse is escalating daily. Teachers may be doing good lessons online and getting disruptions from students cursing or blasting loud music. It’s a bad influence for the kids.”

Michelle Webster


“We need to be back in school now. It’s hurt sports and we’re not getting our education. Mental health is affected by being isolated from friends and I’ve heard some kids threaten to drop out. We want the school board to answer our questions.”

Rylie Webster