“How do you see the inevitable growth of Caswell County affecting individual lifestyles and the local economy?”

“The expected growth in Caswell County will be very beneficial to the citizens of Caswell County as well as the college (PCC). We’re able to meet the needs of the county as the county is showing great interest in growth and we’re looking forward to it!”

Heather Franklin,

Burlington, NC

“I feel the new growth here in Caswell County will affect Piedmont Community College positively, increasing the amount of students, allowing more opportunities that were listed in last week’s Messenger article. We are expanding and incorporating more PCC campuses. That’s definitely going to bring more employment , which will definitely raise the level of income here!”

Charity Freeman,

Roxboro, NC

“I feel like the growth in this area will provide more opportunities to the citizens of Caswell County, hopefully allowing us (PCC) to diversify the programs we offer, raise the standard of living, and increase our partnership with the community.”

Joey Sanders,

Roxboro, NC

“I think any kind of growth is good for the communities, I don’t think it can be necessarily bad.”

George S. Tingen, Jr.