“There are many beautiful yet dangerous places in the world such as Alaska with its cold and volcanoes or California with earthquakes, mud slides, and wildfires. Would you be willing to risk the danger to live some place like that?”

“Depending on where it was. If I love it and the benefits outweighed the risks, I would say yes. There are natural dangers everywhere.”

Logan Valderrama

Sovah Family Medicine Office Manager

“You face danger everywhere, you might as well have fun.”

Mikelle Hall,

Compassion Health Care

RMA Vaccine Team

“Probably so. Every place has its own benefits and risks. You have to weigh your options.”

Amy Cassell,

Compassion Health Care

LPN, Community Based Clinical Care Coordinator

“I think you would have to put it out of your mind and take in the scenery wherever you’re at.”

Allison Arenas,

Compassion Health Care

Vaccine Coordinator