“What kind of advice would you offer to the 2021 graduating students at Bartlett Yancey High School?

Alfreda G. Corbett, Dillard Midddle School and Bartlett Yancey Girl’s Track Coach : “My advice to my graduating class at BY ‘Give your best in all that you do’ and ‘I wish you much success in your successful future.’" 

Kelly McVay, Bartlett Yancey softball coach: “Take a moment to reflect on the past four years. The Class of 2021 experienced some challenges, but your day has finally arrived. Embrace the moment, cherish the relationships you have created throughout high school and look forward to the future. As you go through life, you may stumble because life is full of challenges and disappointments. If you do not succeed the first time, try again and never give up on yourself or your dream. Wish you the very best!”

God Bless

Troy Nevells, Bartlett Yancey Head Track Coach: “Stay focused on your goals and aspirations. Don’t accept failure but embrace the experience.  Use your pandemic involvement to seize the moment and capitalize on every opportunity!”

Rick Hill, Bartlett Yancey wrestling coach: “In sports often you are taught perseverance; every sport, every season here. We have a bump in the road and make it over it. You even played sports through a pandemic. Remember what you learned through BYSHS athletics. Take on challenges without making excuses and successfully overcome it with perseverance.