“Will you be taking a planned vacation this year after many travel restrictions have been lifted?”

“I’ll be taking a vacation and taking the kids to the beach. I haven’t decided which beach yet. With work, I usually just take a weekend off and I did not go on vacation last year

Kasey Bowles, Reidsville, NC.

“So, I probably will this year. I’ve been working remotely for a year. It’s easy, I can do my job while I’m in another location…kind of a “staycation”, I guess I’ll take a vacation this year. I did not take one last year.

Jeff Saul, Prospect Hill, NC.

“We were fortunate to not have to cancel last year or this year. My husband’s family has had a tradition of going with all their cousins to Topsail Beach in North Carolina. We haven’t missed any time at all.

Denise Burnette, Prospect Hill.

“Yes, we will be taking a vacation this year. We’ll be leaving sometime in June for nine days to take our annual vacation to Surf City, North Carolina. We have a boat down there and we will definitely be vacationing!

Sid Barker, Anderson, NC.