Do you believe Donald Trump will run for President again in 2024?

“I feel sad for Trump. If he’s impeached, the answer is no. He might try again. I think they’ve done him dirty. His biggest problem is too much mouth. That works against him. I’m looking for taxes to go up when Biden goes in office.”

Patricia Hawker


“I think he will run again because he has lots of supporters who stand behind him. I believe in him and think he brought about a lot of positive things.”

Jonathan Hawker


“Yes, he has a lot of support. A lot of people are fighting for him.”

Selena Hawker


“If he has the chance, he will run again. If he’s impeached he won’t be able to. It boils down to how that goes. Some people say that too many Republicans think he blew his chance with what happened at the Capital. That hurt him as to what he’ll be able to do.”

Arlandia Clark

Prospect Hill