“What type of entertainment would you like to see in Caswell County this year?”

“In this area, I’d like to see more gathering of community events. Me personally, what brought me up here today was to buy plants. It would be great to have a big “plant” something or another event. This is a farm area and I would like a farmer’s market more on the plant side. I wish they had a farmer’s market on Saturday and not just Thursday.”

Nicole Rippy,


“Music! Bluegrass! For a long time there were some good blue grass shows up in Milton and we used to come up and enjoy them. I don’t know what happened, but we would definitely attend again.”

Terry Rippy,


“We just happen to be booking different blue grass bands for the 50th anniversary of this park come Labor Day. If people will follow us on our website, we will also be hosting many different venues like outdoor movies, auctions, antique sales… all summer long. We’re open for anything!”

Cody Johnson,

Elon (owner of Camp Springs Blue Grass Park)

“As far as Cody and booking entertainment goes, he’s doing it. I love that he’s got blue grass bands and beach music like the Castaways coming in here. I grew up out here and it’s just nice seeing Cody and Donna (Johnson) doing something for the community and the county. Camp Springs is a great venue.”

Stephen Wilson,