“The original 19th Amendment document was ratified 101 years ago. What significance does Women’s Voting Rights represent to you?”

“The 19th Amendment is a result of more than 70 years of protest and activism that men and women began at the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention in Seneca Falls, NY.  When the rights of women are equal to the rights of men, everyone wins.  Our Constitution is a living document and it requires us to seek revisions through a democratic, methodical discussion as fits our national conscience.”

Deb Floyd,

Lilburn, Georgia

“In 2021, I feel that these rights were given to us so that we could go forward and begin progressing in lots of other areas.”

Patty Carver,

Prospect Hill, NC

“All of today’s American women stand on some amazing broad shoulders of women who came before us to assure that we have rights and the ability to do things that we take, currently, for granted.”

Kim Steffen,

Hillsborough, NC

“It was one of the major steps in the progress for Women’s Rights as being equal. It was probably one of the largest leaps towards women’s equality, not only in the United States, but world-wide.”

Paula Basnett,

Reidsville, NC