“Covid-19 has had a serious effect of people’s lives for over a year. Did it affect your life and how?”

“The main thing is I almost lost my mom because she got Covid pneumonia. We lost a months of holidays with her because she was sick throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas. The other thing that I can’t get back is both of my kids had birthdays and got a year older at that time and we couldn’t invite friends and families to do birthday parties and the normal stuff we would have done. So, we lost out on getting to do those things as family.”

Casey Hamlett,

Milton, NC

“The biggest thing I lost here in the Covid (world) is my oldest grandson graduated from high school in Statesville (NC) and I wasn’t able to go because of the Covid. Nobody could do anything, he just really walked across the stage in front of his mom and dad and that was it. No parties, no graduation so that was rough not being able to see him. I hadn’t seen him since January of 2020.”

Diana Beame,

Yanceyville, NC

“Covid has not really affected my life as far as other people: socially, financially, relationships. No sir, everything has been perfect!”

Gavin Wrenn,

Roxboro, NC

“I think the biggest thing I missed out on was the closeness of my clients and my family. There’s so many things now you just can’t take back. There was so many people that we lost during that time that you couldn’t go and spend time with. Even with our grandchildren, at times, we were kind of reluctant because we didn’t want to take any chances of possibly giving them something, with the Covid or what-have-you. So I think most Importantly, I miss that one-on-one touch with so many people in my life.”

Kimberly B. Hamlett,

Milton, NC