Do you think that there should be term limits for elected politicians?

“ Yes, for one thing, that after a certain age maybe you should let some young blood take over because you need some new opinions. You need younger people in Congress and the Senate, I think it would make a big change.”

Tim Lee

Danville, VA

“Yes, I think every four years because they need time to do what they want to do and what they plan on doing. They need more than 2 years to come up with a plan and get things started and get them implemented. Then you have to remember are they wearing their time out or using it wisely? And are they abusing their power like when their kids get a free education and our kids don’t?”

Michele Dale


“I think absolutely there should be term limits. I feel that it keeps the Congress equal and senators’ integrity in check. They can have too much time to instill personal agenda. With enough folks on the same agenda, our country could take a turn for the good or the worse. It’s sort of a compounding power with no term limits installed. It would keep them honest to know they might lose the next election.”

Trip Dunn

Browns Summit

“I think yes they should have term limits because sometimes you need a fresh mind in there to be able to help more for a change.”

Janiet Long