“Soon, it seems that public space travel to the moon and Mars will be offered commercially. Would you go?”

“Yes, I would want to go to the moon, and I would want to go first class! I see the moon all the time, but I’ve never seen Mars except on TV and what they say is Mars.”

Chuck Cotton, Greensboro, NC

“Initially, no! I don’t feel like leaving the planet. I like Earth. I like dogs and trees and wind and air. When I was a kid, you’d watch space movies and think, ‘What would that be like?’ As a kid, I would say yes-as an adult I say no!”

Matt Hill, Memphis, Tenn.

“So, you wanna know if I’d go to the moon and then Mars? Well, they say there’s cheese on the moon. I’ll go get me some moon cheese and run over to Mars and I could heat it up on a little bread and have a nice, toasted cheese sandwich to feed the boys!”

Max Drake, Yanceyville, NC

“I wouldn’t want to get on a flight to the moon or Mars because: ‘I’m claustrophobic and couldn’t wear any kind of space suit; secondly, I hate to fly and don’t enjoy it. And thirdly, I wouldn’t want to die doing it. Being on earth is just fine with me!”

Jana Baker, Pelham, NC