“It’s really hot outside. How do you handle the “dog days of summer?”

“Heavy, dead, and sultry is how I describe it. I clean houses for a living and I continue working until my day is over, taking little breaks. I take a little water break every 30 minutes. I go through ten small bottles of water using Zero Vitamin Water flavors with lemonade being my favorite.”

Pamela Slaughter,

Roxboro, NC

“I have a little bit different way to handle the heat than most: We go up into the mountains in an area called Sevierville in Eastern Tennessee.. It’s near Gatlinburg and the temperature is about ten degrees lower and the humidity much lower because of its elevation.”

Christina McNeill,


“When it gets this hot and muggy, I just stay indoors. I use this time of year to catch up on my housework and stay productive.”

Stacy Matkins,

Blanch, NC

“I’m a part-time farmer and whenever I’m out, I use the earliest time of the day that I can. When I’m checking on the pastures and the animals, I wear a big, ol’ hat that blocks the sun and carry plenty of water. I usually avoid being out there during the hottest time of the day, which is between 1-4 pm.”

Ryan Millner,

Providence, NC