Danville is soon to welcome an exciting new wooden bat baseball team in 2021 after the Danville Braves’ exit in 2020. Powered by Major League Baseball and USA Baseball, this team will exist as part of the newly restructured Appalachian League—a proud participant of the Prospect Development Pipeline, which recruits and develops amateur athletes in preparation for one day making it to the major leagues. The players will be the top freshman and sophomores from colleges throughout the country, coming to 10 cities throughout the Appalachian region.

Danville Baseball Club, LLC and The City of Danville have entered into a long-term MOU to lease American Legion Post 325 Stadium in Danville, VA. Danville Baseball Club, LLC is part of Knuckleball Entertainment, which also owns and operates Burlington Baseball (NC) of the Appalachian League.

The group is owned by Brittany and Ryan Keur. Ryan Keur had previously been the Appalachian League Executive of the Year in 2014, 2015, and 2016. In 2017, Keur was named the 2017 Minor League Baseball Executive of the Year by both Baseball America and Ballpark Digest.

"We are thrilled to enhance our investment into the Appalachian League and usher in this new era of baseball within the Danville community," said Ryan Keur. "Over the past several months, we have had many conversations with local stakeholders, city leaders, business leaders, and the reception has been nothing short of amazing."

“I’m glad that Danville is going to continue to have high-quality baseball for our citizens and visitors to enjoy,” said City Manager, Ken Larking.

The new team’s focus is on preserving the rich history Danville has with baseball and engaging the community with exciting experiences. “We are so proud to be able to not only preserve baseball in Danville but to see it flourish for years. The best is yet to come—the staff that we are going to put in place will ensure an incredible family-friendly and affordable experience for all members of the community to enjoy," Keur said.

Appalachian League President, Dan Moushon, praised Danville’s choice of accepting Ryan Keur as the Group Owner and expressed excitement about the new team, “Ryan has received national awards and attention for his work. He is a rising star in this industry, and it’s so exciting to have him in the league. He and his team will become integral parts of the community and engage with it consistently.”

Danville Parks and Recreation has been working closely with the Appalachian League and Ryan Keur for months to help bring this new opportunity to life in our community. “The experience working with Ryan has been wonderful. I know the team shares the same sentiment we have at Parks and Recreation—to have a happy, healthy, and engaged city with experiences that everyone can enjoy,” said Bill Sgrinia, Parks and Recreation Director.

The team plans to announce a General Manager in the coming weeks and subsequent staff to follow under the team's General Manager's guidance.

For more information about Danville Baseball Club, LLC—contact danvillebaseball21@gmail.com or reach out to their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter.