“The fall is definitely Brunswick Stew time around Caswell County. Do you have a good source on where to purchase this traditional product or who makes it?”

“I don’t make it here (Evelyn’s Take Out), but when I listen to our local radio station, WYNC (1540 FM), they usually have public announcements or advertising that say where Brunswick stew can be bought.”

Evelyn Tardy,


“Not these days. But, my aunt, Ann Jones, used to make Brunswick stew on an open fire for all the people around here using two giant caldrons. You could climb in one of them and take a bath! This was in the 60’s when she was living a house over there on 158.”

Max Drake,


“I get mine at my church, True Gospel Baptist, in Pelham.”

Tracy King,

Pelham, NC

“This is the time of year that all the fire departments are making their stews. Before Covid, that used to be their main fundraiser, so I’d check with all the stations in the county.”

Cindy Millay,