"Places like amusement parks, restaurants and coliseum concerts are being opened for business. Will you feel comfortable, unmasked, in areas with big audiences and busy public activity knowing more people have been vaccinated against Covid19?"

“I would feel much better if the young people would go ahead and get their vaccination. Then, all of us would feel safer because the seniors are the ones in the most danger but the young are not. They should get their vaccination so this will be a safer world to live in.”

Joan Slade, Blanch, NC

“I do feel like things are changing and improving but I don’t know if vaccination is really part of it. I am not pro-vaccination.”

Ezra Molner, Blanch, NC

“I’m not quite ready to take my mask off. I teach and I get my temperature taken every morning, I have to wear a mask so I’m accustomed to it. It’ll be a while before I can break away and feel safe, in public, without it.”

Natarsha Long, Greensboro, NC

“I work for a municipal health department and we’re required to wear masks. There are still risks from Covid out there and my mask provides protection from them. It’s also serves as a ‘security blanket!’ I feel safer with it on!”

Laveta Long, Greensboro, NC