“Where do you get your inspiration every week to write your weekly column for The Caswell Messenger?”

“I try to write about what interests me and what others can relate to, especially those from my generation.”

Debbie Rascoe

“Past Reflections”

“The inspiration to write comes from reading what’s been written and researched of Milton’s past. Basically, the inspiration is the same that impressed me to organize the Museum of Milton.  I aspire to keep Milton in the minds of those in Caswell County and beyond and writing about her history is one way to do that. Additionally, Jean Scott asked me to consider doing this column- and she is priceless inspiration to me.”

Angela Daniel-Upchurch

“The New Milton Chronicle”

“When the first Literary Chef column appeared back in 2006 its purpose was to promote the local farming community and the Yancey House Restaurant, relating to readers the goings-on in the kitchen and gardens.  After its closing, the restaurant column was retired until some folks suggested I bring it back.  Today, my column is still culinary focused (with recipes), but also includes musings on improving the quality of life and agriculture in Caswell County.  Motivation?  I love my community.”

Lucindy Willis

“The Literary Chef”

“I get it from a variety of sources including things happening in my community, reminiscing about the past, something on my mind, or seeing things on television or the news that triggers an idea.”

Phillip Wade

“Frogsboro News”