The Veterans Memorial was dedicated on Veterans Day, November 11. As a member of the committee, what were you thinking and feeling during the ceremony?

“I was thinking of those of us who never came home, those of us who didn't have a home to come back to. I was thinking "what a great place to come to for reflection." I was feeling an abundance of pride for the men and women of our armed forces both past and present

John Claggett


“A sense of pride: To know that all Veterans from Caswell County will be honored forever: To realize that we now have a place to sit a while, reflect, maybe say a prayer for our country, give thanks to all our Freedoms we enjoy each day. I was Honored to be a part of the dedication.

Fred Smith


“Honored and humbled to have been a small part of this vision and grateful for all

the Veterans who have sacrifice for the freedoms we have.”

Elin Claggett


“I felt very proud when it was dedicated. My grandfather was in WWII so these things are close to my heart. I felt very honored to have been a part of the committee who raised the money to make this happen. It just makes you feel overwhelmed. And seeing it night is just breathtaking”

Jeannine Everidge

Prospect Hill