“Do you believe in flying saucers and/or extra-terrestrials?”

“I don’t believe in any such things as flying saucers. I feel there are probably a lot of craft that are used by the Air Force for some type of space exploration type stuff that they experiment with that people don’t recognize. They might call them “flying saucers,” but I think most of the stuff actually seen is man-made or classified.”

Joe Perry,

Caswell County, NC

“No, I do not believe in flying saucers. The reason is I need more proof because I’ve never seen one and I’ve never tried looking for one!”

Nancy Hairston,

Pelham, NC

“No, I really don’t. I haven’t ever seen any and my Bible doesn’t tell me nothing about no UFO’s so, no sir, I don’t believe in them.”

Claude Walker, Jr.

Caswell County, NC

“Do I believe in UFO’s? No, I don’t! I’m practical so if I can’t see it and put my hands on it, I tend not to believe.

It could be possible, but right now, personally, I don’t think I believe in UFO’s.”

Lisa S. Jones,

Danville, Va.