“Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, are you ready for Christmas?”

“I’ve already decorated my house for Christmas so I just need to make sure my shopping’s done and there’s gifts around the tree. Then I can look forward to spending time with my family and friends!”

Heather Setliff,

Providence, NC

“Yes, we’re actually going to take a trip to Pittsburgh to see the Pittsburgh Penguins (hockey) and the Pittsburgh Steelers (football) play. We’re leaving December 31. The reason why I like sports teams from Pittsburgh was my dad and I used to watch tv together and he hated Pittsburgh so I always rooted for them. The Steelers will be playing the Cleveland Browns. It’s going to be great! We’re always willing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ because without Jesus Christ, we wouldn’t have a Christmas.”

Coach Kelly McVay,

Yanceyville, NC

“Right now, we’re already 60% done with our gift buying and we did it online. We have them sent to our home and we give them the personal touch and do our own gift-wrapping!”

Jay Baker,

Pelham, NC

“Oh, I’m all done. I just need to get some candy to stuff in the stockings. Throughout the year, I buy odds and ends that I see on-sale or whatever and I collect them up in a pile. At the end of the year, I just go through all that stuff and go, ‘he gets this and she gets that’ and I just siphon off all I’ve collected and I’m done!”

Gina Browning,

Leasburg, NC