“Describe your very own Dream Vacation?”

“My dream vacation would be to go to the Galapagos Islands! They have lots of animals there that they don’t have anywhere else in the world. And to be able to take pictures of them and watch them would be just wonderful. That would be a perfect vacation!”

Kim Steffen,

Prospect Hill, NC

“The ideal vacation place for me, and this is a place I go often, is anytime I can get up to Asheville (NC), it’s worth doing. It’s where I did my growing-up and it feels like going home. Any place that’s got mountains like that is so beautiful and there’s not been anything to compare to it for me. There’s a lot to do there, the summer temperatures are cooler up there, the weather is great and yes, Asheville, that’s the place!”

Connor Fraley,

Hillsborough, NC

“I would have to say Virginia Beach. There’s places to stay there on the base, near the beach where you can relax and enjoy the weather. There are cooking facilities too, which make it very comfortable. I also have heard that the Bahamas are nice, but I’ll take Virginia Beach.”

Evelyn Tardy,


“If I wanted to experience my dream vacation, it would be a duplication of one I’ve already experienced, one in Northern Italy. We started off in Florence, spent a few days there, then we drove down to Siena, which is basically a medieval city and has the most beautiful cathedral I’ve ever seen. We stopped by a castle on our way back. It’s no longer a castle, but a village where people live. Then we went by rail across the northern mountains of Italy over to Venice. Venice has got to be the most fantastic place I’ve ever seen!”

Dan Vaden,

Providence, NC