“How are your classes at Piedmont Community College helping you towards your career goals?”

“I’m going to PCC because I want to go into the radiology field. Right now, I’m taking Anatomy of Physiology courses, which will cut down on a lot of course time in a 4-year institution and save me a lot of money. I can get into my career a lot faster,”

Wallace Vaden,


“I’m at PCC to further my career and when I decide to go to a four-year college, I’ll only have two years left. Then, I’m planning on going to medical school and become a doctor. I’m cutting down on the time of being in school and that allows me to go on and get my residency. I’ll become a doctor quicker if I didn’t take the classes here.”

Kaitlyn Oakley,

Prospect Hill

“I’m taking PCC classes because it will help me get ready for my future and it saves me time. I don’t have a goal in mind now, but I’m getting qualified so I can take a lot of different career directions.”

Eric Rone,


“I am in the Fast-Track Program at PCC to get my Associates Degree and it’s really going to help me going into whatever career I chose, something in the science field. I’m not exactly sure yet, but getting these classes in and seeing how challenging they are and getting my head in the game before I actually go off to a 4-year college, is really a blessing.”

Jason Myers,