Pastor Robert G Williams

Pastor Robert G Williams, 86, on October 1, 2021, defeated death. He is sitting at the feet of our Sovereign Lord and Saviour singing Hosannas to the Great King of Kings. Just like the effectual calling of Lazarus from the grave when Christ cried to Lazarus, ‘Come forth’, Christ stood at the mouth of Pastor Williams’ broken tomb of flesh and called forth His faithful and obedient servant home. He has freed his servant from the bondage of this evil world. No more tears. No more pain. No more sorrow. No more grief.

By the powerful grace of God, Pastor Bob Williams has been made whole. We give praise for His goodness, mercy and grace. There is a definite void in the Willams’ lives but they sleep with peace knowing where he is living. His home eternal is granted because of Christ dying on the cross and then being resurrected on the third day. When Christ defeated death, He defeated it for our Bro. Robert G. Williams and by His Grace and Will, may He have defeated it for you.

Brother Bob Williams pastored at three churches during his ministry but his greatest testimony was where ministered the longest and where he retired, the Community Baptist Church in Yanceyville, NC. His service to God was used to impact the lives of people living in Caswell County and the surrounding area.

He was born in Richmond, Indiana, on 1/15/1935. His parents were Lones Gordon Williams and Louise Collins. His parents are deceased. Bro. Bob had three siblings, Joel, Judy and David, all deceased. After graduating from high school, he joined the United States Marine Corps and served in the Korean War. As he was returning stateside, Bro.Bob was convicted of his sins and from that point forward served at the pleasure of the Almighty. Bro. Bob is survived by his wife, Betty Swango Williams, his wife for nearly 64 years, and their children Tina, William (Kim Jones of Yanceyville, NC) and David (Donna Lee of Benson, NC), and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Bro. Bob Williams was a fierce defender of God’s Holy Word. He never shied away from defending the truth. He stood straight-up in the fierce winds of opposition. His defense of the Sovereignty of God and the Doctrines of Grace we’re second to none. When asked to refrain from preaching the truth, he just doubled down and preached it with more thunderous vigor. He served no man; he served God.

Please keep Sister Betty Williams in your prayers. She has loved Robert Gordon Williams since she was 14. Her heart is filled with rejoicing and sadness all at the same time. The last several years Sister Betty Swango Williams has been nothing short of wonderful in her love and caring of Bro. Bob. There never has been a better example of a wife being forever faithful and committed to the care of their husband.

Funeral arrangements are still pending.

The family desires no donations or flowers; all we ask is if you may, spend 45 minutes of your time to listen to this powerful message, ‘The Only Way.’