Snow pounding area

Snow was pouring down hard and fast on Main Street in Yanceyville Monday morning.

The National Weather Service warns of heavy snow for the Central/Southern Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic area today.

It explains that a dynamic low pressure system will be the fuel for significant weather impacts across parts of the Southeast coast and Mid-Atlantic over the next day or so.

There is a snow day ahead with early morning rain changing to snow.

- Temperatures will stay near 32 all morning

- Wind gusts over 30 mph will create blowing snow and low visibility, very dangerous for drivers.

- Snow began before/near Monday sunrise in the area.

- Southside was a little later changeover to snow.

- Danville's snow will have trouble sticking. Totals should be under 2."

- This will be a heavy, wet snow.

- The warm ground temperatures didn’t seem to have much effect because this is heavy snow falling.

- It should accumulate faster than it melts.

- The first two hours of snow will likely melt.

- The snow accumulation could be as high as 2” per hour.

- Snowfall will end at lunch.

A cold front associated with the deepening area of low pressure will be the focus for scattered showers and thunderstorms across the Carolinas and down into Florida today. A Slight Risk of severe thunderstorms is in effect for much of coastal North Carolina today as Gulf moisture streams into the region from the south and interacts with the approaching cold front from the west.

Damaging winds and a few tornadoes appear to be the main concerns with this severe weather threat. Rain will changeover to snow across much of the Central/Southern Appalachians and Mid-Atlantic this morning as temperatures fall below freezing.

Heavy wet snow will also accumulate on power lines leading to power outages. Refreezing of any melted snow tonight may produce additional hazardous travel conditions.