Sheriff Tony Durden

Tony Durden, the Sheriff of Caswell County, is going to run for re-election. At the community meeting held at the Providence Fire Station on Wednesday, June 3, 2021, he mentioned that he will be filing the necessary paperwork this December. Sheriff Durden has held this position since 2017 and hopes to be reelected in 2022.

Other topics that were briefly discussed at the meeting included a rundown of the capital crimes that have happened in the county; murder, breaking and entering, domestics, drunk in public, and drug cases. Sheriff Durden stated that in light of some of these issues that his office faces, overall “Caswell County, I believe, is a good and safe community; and as a whole, good people do make mistakes but there are things we can do better.”

With Caswell County bordering the state of Virginia, Sheriff Durden stated, “it’s important that we have a partnership with the US Marshalls. For instance, anyone who commits a crime here in Caswell and flees to Danville thinking that they are going to get away, we don’t have to get an extradition order to transport the fugitive back here once they’re caught.” This type of agreement is also in effect with other neighboring counties as well.

Another topic discussed was that of traffic speeding along Highway NC-86 between Danville, VA and Yanceyville, NC. This issue has been an ongoing conversation with NCDOT for some time now. Issues that are still on the table are how to widen the road; how to address the increase in traffic that will come through once the casino in Danville is fully operational; how to design a safety feature at the triangular intersection of Highway NC-86 and Old Highway NC-86 in Providence. One of the saving graces for the reduction in accidents on this stretch of road is that school was conducted remotely for the majority of the school year. Additionally, regarding the much discussed installation of a traffic light at the intersection of routes 150 and 158 in Yanceyville, the NCDOT has to conduct a study of the area before moving forward with this process. The dates of the study have not been determined as of now.

It was also stated that businesses hosting sweepstakes or fish table operations here in Caswell County where there is a monetary payout, is doing so illegally. When caught performing this kind of service, they will automatically lose their liquor license and possibly face additional charges.

The sheriff’s department is currently hiring detention officers. If you have a high moral character/standard, have a desire to protect and serve, and are willing to complete the six to nine month training program, then you are encouraged to begin exploring this opportunity by reviewing the job posting at

The budget to fund the sheriff’s department for the next fiscal year is expected to be approved by July 1, 2021 by the Caswell County Commissioners. The next scheduled community meeting hosted by Sheriff Durden will take place at the Pelham Fire Department on Thursday, July 8, 2021 at 7:00 pm.