Christmas Candy

JoAnne Hyler loves chocolate candy and eats it with every meal.

Yanceyville resident JoAnne Hyler gets a Christmas gift from her son, William K. Hyler each year that lasts her all year through….chocolate candy bars.

She explains, “I love chocolate! My son is well aware of this and four years ago he surprised me with 73 chocolate bars. Each year he as continued to add more every year. This Christmas he gifted me with 210 bars! He brought them inside in three large trash bags.”

JoAnne cuts each Santa bar into six pieces and wraps them to go in her freezer. Every day she eats two bites for each of her three meals.

Accumulating all these Santa bars is not an easy task. “He went to Dollar General stores from Hillsborough NC all the way to Callands Virginia. He also went to the DG distribution center on Rt. 41 in Virginia,” she adds.

Her husband, Earl Hyler, commends her on using so much restraint with the candy. “She is sensible about her eating. She just loves chocolate!”

The couple has been happily married for 60 years.