This is Dr. Sandra Carter, Superintendent of Caswell County Schools.  It is Wednesday evening, Sept. 8th at 5:20pm.

The purpose of this message is to provide an update on my earlier alert message this afternoon regarding a firearm on the campus of BYSHS.

As stated in the first Alert Message, administration was made aware of a possible firearm on campus of BYSHS.  Law enforcement was contacted and both administration and law enforcement searched and located the weapon.  Law enforcement immediately confiscated the weapon.  We have since learned that the weapon was loaded while in the student's book bag.   

This is a very serious incident as we take the safety of our students and staff as a top priority in Caswell County Schools.  To be clear, the firearm remained in the student's book bag and was confiscated from the student's book bag.  Law enforcement is overseeing the continued investigation.   As always, we follow the Caswell County Schools Code of Student Conduct guidelines to ensure a safe school environment.  

BYSHS will operate on a normal schedule on Thursday, Sept. 9th with additional support from counselors, as needed.