Recognition given by school system

Quality Construction of Danville was recognized by CCS Board of Education on Monday. From left, Bartlett Yancey Senior High School Principal Lance Stokes; Harry Boswell, Quality Construction Superintendent of Project; Allen Smith, Project Manager; Shane Brackin, President of Quality Construction; Dr. Sandra Carter, Superintendent of Caswell County Schools; Gladys Garland, Board of Education Chairwoman.

During the October 11 meeting of the Caswell County Board of Education, members voted approval to delay the start of high school athletics until they can take another look at it in January 2021. This followed a recommendation by Superintendent Dr. Sandra Carter after she spoke about rising numbers of COVID-19 cases in Caswell County as well as other counties where schools compete against Bartlett Yancey Senior High School (BYSHS).

Since the last Board meeting, there has been a significant jump in confirmed COVID-19 cases in Caswell County. That concern along with only one high school in the conference currently moving forward with athletics, prompted the Superintendent to recommend that the Board of Education revisit their previous decision to begin athletics at BYSHS.

After discussion, the Board of Education voted to postpone BYSHS athletics and the topic will be revisited in January. Members of the board spoke up in favor of this, particularly since students haven’t been cleared to return to school facilities.

Dr. Carter also shared that requests have been made to take a look at virtual fundraisers. After Mel Battle said that he didn’t set a high priority on fundraisers since the budget draft didn’t show the school system to have financial difficulties, Tracy Stanley explained that a group such as FFA needed fundraisers to pay dues for members. Vice Chairman Wayne Owen agreed that “dues are a different matter.”

Following the Board discussion on whether or not to allow schools to pursue virtual fundraising, Dr. Carter was asked to bring additional information back to the Board before making the decision.

Medina Jones,  Director of CTE, Secondary Curriculum, and Accountability, was clearly elated as she shared the great news regarding the increase in Bartlett Yancey Senior High School (BYSHS) four-year graduation cohort rates. 

The North Carolina four-year graduation cohort rate is the percentage of students who graduate high school within four years. The Caswell County Schools 2019-2020 overall four-year graduation cohort rate for BYSHS students increased from 79.1% to 85.4%, an increase of 6.3 percentage points. North Carolina's 2019-2020 graduation cohort rate is 87.6%, which is within reach of 2.2 percentage points.

WIthin the increased BYSHS four-year graduation rate of 85.4%, several subgroups showed significant increases that exceeded the state average:

*CCS Male Subgroup 85.4% (NC Male Subgroup Avg: 85.0%);

*CCS Black Subgroup 87.0% (NC Black Subgroup Avg: 85.2%)

*CCS Hispanic Subgroup 81.8% (NC Hispanic Subgroup Avg: 81.7%)

*CCS Econ Disadvantaged Subgroup 85.3% (NC Econ Disadvantaged Subgroup Avg: 82.3%)

She explains that she and the Caswell County Board of Education, Dr. Sandra Carter, Andrew Tyrrell, Marilyn Foley, Lance Stokes and his team including the late Cheryl Blackard, Shannon Gammon, and Jamie Buchanan celebrate this student success through a “concerted effort by achieving the highest graduation rate in several years.”

She adds, “These team members made sure all records were representative of each student's status and that student records aligned with the state accountability guidelines. Through this team effort, Caswell County Schools celebrates the major accomplishment of achieving 85.4% graduation rate for the 2019-2020 school year. We are looking forward to continuing this level of success for many years to come because our student success rate is our "why.” We have successfully accomplished our "why," when students earn a high school diploma which is representative of their hard work as well as our teachers, administrators, directors, parents, and community members.”

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*Dr. Carter presented Quality Construction members with certificates of recognition for the diligent way they built the temporary classroom building in time for school to start. Although students are not in the building, teachers are using it for remote learning.