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An Exhibition by Veronica Jackson

Exhibition Dates: Saturday, April 18 – Sunday, May 23, 2021

500 Block Gallery on Craghead (#563) River District, Danville, VA 24541 

Opening Reception: Sunday, April 18 • 2:00 – 5:00pm

Gallery Hours: Thursday / Friday / Saturday • noon – 8pm   |   Sunday • noon – 5pm

Veronica Jackson will be giving an artist presentation on March 11, 2021 at 6:30 pm via Zoom

For anyone interested in receiving a zoom link, please contact

Veronica Jackson’s work is autobiographical, stems from her position as a black woman marking space, and responds to the travails of her ancestors. She has a multidisciplinary visual-art practice based on an interpretive exhibit design, and architecture career spanning more than three decades. Jackson tells stories using quotidian objects such as felt-lined bulletin boards, clothing, hair, handmade paper, timecards, and text. Her work addresses several internal queries arising from her plight as a black woman in America: What does it mean to be invisible? How does the designation of invisibility affect her identity and sense of self? 

Jackson’s background encompasses the critical examination of visual culture. As an architect and designer, she creatively solved problems related to the structural systems within virtual and built environments. As an artist, she records, interprets, and makes aware the complexities in which humans exist and affect their social surroundings. Her visual art making practice is a combination of past professional disciplines, present lived experiences, and the cache of contemporary and historic research accumulated. Jackson’s initial and ongoing project—The Burden of Invisibility—is the physical manifestation of her

evolution from designer to visual artist, as well as a reaction to the world around her. This work forms the foundation of Jackson’s practice which investigates how black women see, don’t see, value, or devalue themselves in visual culture, and how these attitudes affect their sense of agency in constructing their own imagery or endeavors to mark space.  

Jackson’s artwork is also grounded in the belief that studying visual culture elicits transformation. As an emerging cultural producer with a socially conscious practice, her goal is to engage audiences who may benefit from the ways visual art incites the imagination to see the world differently and eventually empowers them to creatively contribute to it.

To find out more about Veronica Jackson’s work please visit her website at:

Exhibition Site: 500 Block Gallery on Craghead (#563) River District, Danville, VA 24541 

For Information about exhibition: Contact: Phone: 434.793.5644 

Museum Site: 975 Main Street, Danville, VA 2441 

The Burden of Invisibility Exhibit consisting of the following artworks: 

That’s Pops’s Money (timecards) 

Language of Invisibility (black felt bulletin boards) 

VOICED (9 photo panels of face-masked women) 

Languages of Invisibility, Hypervisibility Devaluation, & Triumph (silkscreen series) 

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