Caswell Mercantile

Good friends Jerry and Jenny Potter, Jennifer Hodges, and Susan and Stacey Long are pleased to be opening Caswell Mercantile just in time for spring planting.

Caswell Mercantile is opening its doors on Thursday, Feb. 25, just in time for customers to stock up on their fresh spring seeds. The business is located in the former location of W.H. Hooper & Son at 110 Main Street, Yanceyville (across from CoSquare). 

A group of friends and Caswell County natives, including Jerry and Jenny Potter, Jennifer Hodges, and Susan and Stacey Long had been interested in doing a joint project together for some time. After the sad passing of Mike Hooper last year, the building was available for sale. They purchased the store and its remaining stock and have been hard at work, cleaning, painting and restocking.

Stacey Long explains that they are working with a limited inventory for the time being and offering this soft opening February 25 so customers can get their spring seeds in time for planting. “Right now our primary focus is on fresh spring seeds, gardening supplies and accessories, plus other items such as garden flags or spring seasonal merchandise.”

The first week of operations promises to be fun for customers who can register for door prizes Thursday – Saturday with prizes awarded Saturday before closing time.

Jerry Potter shares that some great deals will be on hand. “We have a lot of discontinued merchandise that will be offered at clearance prices.”

Around the end of June, the store will temporarily close for renovations. A grand opening will be held late summer when they reopen, after renovations are complete.

Susan Long cautions customers to not get alarmed by shelves not being fully stocked right now. “Since we are renovating in a few months, we wanted to hold off on fully stocking. Plus, we are still in the planning stages of nailing down everything we want to feature. Products from local artisans and growers will be coming soon.”

Jerry Potter adds that they are open to suggestions from customers about what they would like to see in the store when it’s fully stocked. “This is a new experience for us so we’re open to a lot of things such as home goods, quality-handcrafted items, plants, locally grown foods, etc. We want to showcase the talents in our community and be an outlet for local artisans, crafters, and producers.”

He adds that everything will be high quality merchandise American made, where possible, and offered at fair prices. “We’re different and want to offer something fresh and new to the community. We invite everyone to come by and see what we’re all about.”

Stacey Long points out that all of them are from around Caswell County and want to give back to the community. “We’d also love to bring things back here. All of us hear people talk about the old days and how the downtown was booming. We’d love to see that come back. We want to become a destination where people can visit during an outing to Yanceyville and the surrounding area.”

For a number of years, W. H. Hooper & Son has been a vital part of downtown Yanceyville where loyal customers knew they could count on finding what they needed. Caswell Mercantile aims to continue this tradition. Jerry Potter says they have talked to Chuck Hooper about the history of the business and what it meant to the area.

Jennifer Hodges adds that she hopes Caswell Mercantile will revitalize the area. “I think most of us want our kids to have somewhere to go and not have to go somewhere else. Kids need something to do to keep them in the county. We want to appeal to all groups.”

The group points out that they’re a bit of a rarity in today’s world…a brick and mortar store as opposed to being online only such as many of the stores are nowadays.

Susan Long shares that they hope to reach out and find ways to help the community.

When the store reopens late summer, they will be carrying a variety of supplies for hunting, fishing, gardening, pet supplies, locally-made products, plus much more!

Store hours are Tuesday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. and Saturday 8 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Call 336-694-4802 or visit www.caswellmercantile. for more information. 

Payment is accepted through cash, credit cards, and electronic payments.

They will be accepting special orders for customers.

Curbside service will be available in the future.

Mission Statement:

Growing our community by providing locally crafted products where available at a fair price with warm hospitality.


Service – Our goal is to create a shopping/visit experience that is worthy of telling others about so that our customers both local and those passing through, come back again and again.

Community –We value community and giving back. Preserving the brick and mortar structure in our small town providing a place for the community to shop, meet and be proud of where the best of Caswell is showcased is our intent.

Quality – We are committed to quality in the products & service we offer so we source locally hand-crafted offerings as well as other carefully curated unique products at a fair price.


The Shopkeepers

The Caswell Mercantile shopkeepers are a tight-knit group of Caswell natives that still call Caswell home and are committed to supporting the community, local farmers, artisans, and craftspeople. A carefully curated selection of unique quality items by and for locals, as well as those passing through Yanceyville, will also be available.

We grew up here, most attended Bartlett Yancey, and all went on to have careers in diverse fields. We maintained close friendships through it all and now we have come back together to help preserve downtown Yanceyville. We are farmers, auto mechanics, auto body experts, electricians, engineers, business professionals, scientists, nurses, and project managers. In addition, we are sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers.

The vision of the store is to provide a relaxed setting where the community can shop and mingle without having to leave the county to find the items they need. The offerings are still being fine-tuned at this stage, but we encourage you to stop by and visit with us and share your ideas of what the store might provide.

The ownership group is focused on honoring the tradition of the ‘local general store’ while also preserving the agriculture/rural based downtown heritage of Yanceyville.