PCC gets you on the road fast

PCC’s eight-week courses offer higher education with more control and less stress

Piedmont Community College (PCC) students are almost halfway finished with the Fall 2021 semester, but for students who missed the August deadline, or who are looking for a new way to pursue their studies, eight-week courses are a new option that begin on October 14.

Sixteen-week courses are the traditional length for college classes, but the eight-week course format proves to have many benefits for students. Dr. Barbara Buchanan, PCC Vice President of Instruction and Chief Academic Officer, explained that, when enrolled in eight-week courses, students will not have to juggle as many classes at once.

“Data shows increased success rates when students can concentrate on fewer subjects in a shorter time frame,” Buchanan said. “Eight-week classes increase entry and exit points for students who need to focus on class schedules around work, childcare, and other challenges.”

In this format, rather than taking five courses for 16 weeks, students could potentially take those same five courses, but take three during the first half of the semester, and two during the second half. This would allow students to have better focus and more control, while completing the courses in less time.

Many courses are available in the eight-week format including Curriculum for University Transfer and Career and Technical Education (CTE). Some of the Curriculum courses include math, science, English, and psychology; CTE courses include healthcare, business, office administration, and gunsmithing, as well as others.

Current and prospective students can see what courses are available by using WebAdvisor at webadvisor.piedmontcc.edu. By clicking “Prospective Students,” then “Search for Sections,” and choosing start date October 14, 2021, and end date December 16, 2021, viewers could see all of the classes that are available for the second half of the fall semester.

Current students can up for their classes now; interested students can apply to PCC online at piedmontcc.edu/apply to enroll in one or more of our certificate, diploma, or degree programs to start their next career step this semester.

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