Masen Gadden

Young Mason Gadsen, who will be seven years old on August 10, suffered a frightening experience on July 22 around 8 p.m. when he was attacked by a fox at his home at Sunvale Apartments in Yanceyville.

He and his grandmother, Gwen Torain, explain that he was skateboarding with two cousins, her 15 year old daughter, and her daughter’s friend about 50 feet from the woods in the parking lot/sidewalk area. “I had warned Mason to stay close to the apartment that day because another child been taken to the hospital when she was scratched by a fox,” she explains.

When Mason’s skateboard got away from him near the woods, he ran after the board when the fox and a raccoon jumped out of the trash and came near him. Mason describes, “The fox grabbed the inside of my lower leg with his paw and scratched me. He also bit my leg.”

There are still puncture marks on both sides of the youngster’s leg. There was considerable swelling in the days that followed.

Mason didn’t tell his grandmother what happened until the following day. She immediately got medical attention for him and elected to have him treated for rabies as a precaution.

The boy has been bravely holding up from the series of painful injections. He had three shots the first day, one on another day, and has two shots more to go.

The results of the rabies test are still not back.

“The Sheriff’s Office and Animal Control set some traps. One of the traps caught one fox, but Mason says he saw two. The raccoon is still running around,” she says. “We have some dumpsters at the apartments that attract wild animals and large buzzards.”

Even after this frightening ordeal, Mason says he is not afraid of foxes. “I wasn’t scared then and I’m not afraid now. I didn’t cry either.”

Oddly enough, Mason reports that the raccoon attacked the fox that bit him.

There have been other fox attacks in the area and everyone is reminded to never feed or approach wild animals.

Mason offers the following advice for himself and other children: “If you see a wild animal coming toward you, run away and tell an adult.”

He is the son of Kizzia Rogers and Quentin Gadsen.