Three of the food pantries in Caswell County are in dire need of volunteers who can help lift heavy boxes on days Second Harvest delivers food and on pantry days.

Three of the pantries are relying on retired volunteers to unload the Second Harvest truck once a month (3rd Tuesday each month), and take the boxes to the pantries and stack them in the pantries those days. They also need volunteers on pantry days to pack boxes, bag meat and produce and especially load boxes into cars. The pantries needing this help immediately are Caswell Parish, Locust Hill UMC and Shady Grove UMC.

Caswell Parish has pantry days twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. They need volunteers to pack the boxes, and especially load boxes into cars. Locust Hill and Shady Grove had their pantries this month already, but will need help next month at the pantries to load boxes into cars.

There is not a specific time when the truck will come November 17, usually between 11AM and 1PM. Usually the driver calls about 30 minutes before he arrives so volunteers can be mobilized. If volunteers need some sort of verification for participation,

Call 919-292-5809 for more information.