Damon Lee

Forty-two-year-old Damon Dewayne Lee, who allegedly shot and killed 41-year-old Keith Hayes at Lucky’s night club in Providence NC on March 11 bonded out of Caswell County Sunday morning on a $1 million Appearance Bond made through bail agent Fred Shanks IV of Apex Bail Bonds of Danville VA and Wentworth NC.

Collateral security has been supplied by seven individuals through indemnitor agreements and trust deeds.

Lee recently had his charge of 2nd degree murder move forward to Grand Jury following a probable cause hearing.

Lee is now represented by court appointed attorney Theresa Pressley who refuses to comment on pending cases. George B. Daniel had previously represented him at a bail reduction hearing last month on March 25. Lee’s bond was set at $1 million secured following the shooting at Lucky’s night club. The motion was denied by Caswell County District Court Judge Christopher Freeman.

At that March 25 hearing, Lee’s defense portrayed him as someone who shot Hayes in an effort to save a friend’s life during the melee that broke out at Lucky’s after a man hit a woman in the face. The bouncer, Ed Lee Bodkin, asked the man to leave, but the man followed and hit him on the head with a pool cue and beer bottle. A wild brawl ensued that involved other patrons.

Reportedly, Hayes fired a shot into the air that allegedly grazed the bouncer.

According to the evidence, Lee left the building, got a gun out of his car, and came back into the club where he shot Hayes in the chest. According to the suspect, Hayes was pointing his gun at Bodkin when Lee shot him.

During a separate call with George B. Daniel, he explained that Bodkin told him that he was knocked down on the ground and got back up. He said that Hayes was holding a silver gun in both hands pointing it at him (Bodkin) when Lee shot him.

Two separate 9-1-1 calls came in to police that night. During the first call, the caller (who’s name was blacked out of the transcript) described a “big fight” with one man injured and most people having left. When the dispatcher asked about the injury, the caller said “This guy done got hit in the head,” but he was conscious. When told that Sheriff Deputies and the EMS were enroute, the caller said, “Cancel the ambulance, he’s not hurt that bad.” That call disconnected at 1:15:57 a.m. (That first call had been about the bouncer).

About a minute later, a second call came in with someone saying an ambulance was needed because a guy got shot. “Yeah, guy got shot. He’s laying on the floor by pool table.”

Then, he told the dispatcher that the victim wasn’t breathing. When asked where the victim was hurt, he replied, “Right in the middle of the chest. He’s not breathing. His eyes are wide open.”

When asked if CPR was being administered, the caller replied, “No, eyes are wide open. Looks like he’s dead.”

He added, “That guy’s dead. I don’t think CPR will help him. I don’t know how to do CPR.”

After the dispatcher described the procedure, the caller said that no blood was coming out; “He’s got a hole in his chest.”

Lucky’s is located at 11238 NC Hwy 86N, Providence NC.