Alice and Paul Robinson work tirelessly all year long to obtain and distribute healthy food to seniors and youth in Caswell County. Donations and grants provide the means to keep the food coming.

County Outreach Ministry (COM) leaders Paul and Alice Robinson hosted a thank you celebration Thursday for volunteers that have worked hard in 2021 to get food to youth and seniors in the Caswell County area.

The couple thanked everyone for their diligence and dedication to providing their much-needed help. “We’re glad to see all of you,” she said.

Paul added, “We appreciate and thank you” before he sang a joyful song for the appreciative audience.

Evangelist Selena Thornton provided an insightful message while everyone enjoyed their lunch from Golden Corral in Roxboro.

The Robinsons gave out certificates of appreciation and gift bags to wind up the event.

COM is located on Third Avenue in Yanceyville. Donations to the County Outreach Ministry to help provide food for seniors and youth may be mailed to P. O. Box 458, Yanceyville NC 27379. Call 336-694-4224 for more information.