The Caswell Cancer Resource Fund Receives Funds From The Community Foundation of The Dan River Region

The Caswell Cancer Resource Fund continues to provide relief to those affected by cancer in Caswell County, NC.

In an ongoing effort to provide financial relief to those in Caswell County, NC that have been affected by cancer, the Caswell Cancer Relief Fund (CCRF) will be using the $37,200 given by the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region to reduce burdens and alleviate some of the stress and anxiety that often accompanies this time of healing while battling cancer.

“The CCRF depends on donations like these from the Community Foundation of the Dan River Region to support members of our community who are suffering mentally, financially, and physically. CCRF was set up to provide a means to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to pay for gas to get to a treatment facility, find transportation to and from their appointments, buy a wig, help with medical and pharmacy copays, nutritional supplements, medical equipment, and other burdens that may affect their healing process in a negative way. Thanks to funding like this, our community has access to additional support when all other options have been exhausted.” – Lou Ann Reaves, Caswell Cancer Resource Fund Manager.

There is still a high number of women in Caswell County 18 and older who have not had a Pap test to diagnose cervical cancer, and a high number of women 50 and older who have not had a mammogram to screen for breast cancer. In some cases, people are faced with life-or-death decisions when it comes to treatment, medication, and basic day-to-day expenses that are now a burden.

The CCRF is set up for those who have a current diagnosis and one-year post-treatment and is a Caswell County, NC resident. With help from this resource, these patients have a better chance of staying in treatment.