Keep on truckin'

Thomas Brothers Oil and Propane has made tremendous strides in 100 years of operation. Throughout its history it has maintained the highest degree of quality products and service. Taking care of its customers is always top priority.

100 Years in the Making

You may not have heard of Stone Road Energy. It is headquartered in a small New England town of Woodstock, VT and has a strong reputation of acquiring, operating and growing family-owned oil and propane companies. Two and a half years ago, they purchased Thomas Brothers Oil and Propane. It is part of their mission to retain the brand identity and presence in the communities of the companies they buy to prioritize high-touch customer service.

With the help of the parent company’s strength and ability to run businesses efficiently and effectively while flexing to meet the local market needs, Thomas Brothers supports the community in various ways. Since the acquisition, Thomas Brothers celebrated it’s 100-year anniversary. The company continues to service the Caswell community with their energy needs, but also is a strong partner supporting the County Outreach Ministry, the Chamber, the FFA and others in town.

David Seppelt, the operations manager at Thomas Brothers, grew up on a farm like many of us and served the nation in the Air Force for over 20 years. Dave has been diligently working to successfully transition the team and ensure customers remain the top priority. Working closely with Dave is our Mid-Atlantic regional manger, Peyton Moody. Peyton came to Stone Road Energy through the acquisition of his family-owned business, PFM Propane, last summer. He has spent 17 years in operations and the last two years focused primarily on sales and growth strategies. Together, Peyton and Dave will be working to continue the 100-year history of quality customer service and grow Thomas Brothers into surrounding areas by providing quality products at competitive prices with unmatched personal care.

At the anniversary celebration earlier this summer, the company provided a wonderful barbecue lunch along with door prizes and lots of fun stories shared by customers and employees. If the direction the organization is headed is any indicator, perhaps in 100 more years, there will be a salute to Thomas Brothers once again.