Ranger on the road

This is something out of the ordinary. This Ranger has tags and can ride on the highway. It is owned by Bobby Ward of Elon.

Christmas came early for Robert “Bobby” Ward of Elon when he recently bought a Polaris XP 1000 Ranger. This cutting edge four-wheeler has been declared street legal by the state of North Carolina (October).

“I’ve had four wheelers off and on for a number of years and use them a lot for hunting,” he explained on Friday when he stopped by The Caswell Messenger.

“I wanted to get one when it became legal to run them on the highway with tags. I went to the DMV in Yanceyville and was actually the first person to put one on the road. One other man was there at the same time to do the same. It took three hours to get it set up since they weren’t sure how to register it and had to call Raleigh a couple of times. I’ll be using it for hunting and local driving.”

The Ranger can run on highways, but not on the interstates in North Carolina.

This Ranger costs about $22,000 new, but has an additional $28,000 in options.