Are You OK?

Sheriff Tony Durden and Public Information Officer Sgt. Greg Ingram want citizens to help keep loved ones safe through this free program through the office.

Now more than ever is a great time to take advantage of the “Are You OK?” program offered free of charge by the Caswell County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Tony Durden says he heard about the program back in 2019 and thought it would be something the citizens in Caswell County could use. “Although it’s a tremendous benefit to seniors, anyone of any age can benefit from it,” he said on Monday. “It’s free of charge, you can sign up to be checked on as many days a week as you like, and it operates around the clock 24 hours a day. With so many people staying at home right now due to the pandemic…it makes sense to take advantage of what we can offer.”

Once someone signs up, an automated phone call will be placed to their phone number. The recipient will answer the phone and push the appropriate number to indicate they’re ok. If the call goes unanswered, a second automated call will occur later in the day. If the second call isn’t answered, someone from the Sheriff’s Office will be sent in person to check on you.

“We do a lot of well being checks in general. Kids grow up and move away and often get us to check on their parents if they can’t get in touch with them,” he explains.

Although the program has been alive and well since 2019, the sheriff would like to see as many citizens as possible signed up. “There are plenty of latchkey kids out here who could benefit from it as well as older people in danger of falling or having an episode with their health. We want to offer people a little peace of mind about the safety of their loved ones.”

He emphasizes that all information is confidential. “I hope everyone will take advantage of this free service from Caswell County Sheriff’s Office,” he adds.

Call contact person Lt. Melissa Poole at 336-694-2583 for more information on signing up.