Baby found safe

A seven-week-old baby was found unharmed and the suspects were taken into custody by the Danville Police Department in Virginia after an amber alert was issued Thursday night, April 22.

The alert said Jupiter Aria Caudle was abducted by the parents — Jody Allan Caudle and Taylor Ann Crawford. They are in custody.

On March 1, 2021, the Caswell County Department of Social Services received a report of injurious environment, substance abuse, and substance-affected infant.

The parents removed the infant from temporary placement on April 6 and refused to tell the authorities where the child was.

Information was later received that they were staying at the Travel Inn in Danville.

When Caudle and Crawford were made aware that DSS was trying to locate them, they left the Travel Inn on April 20, leaving all of their belongings behind.

The parents fled with the infant before DSS was able to serve them with a Non-Secure Custody Order obtained on April 20 and signed by District Court Judge Grogan.

They were last seen in a red Ford Edge.

The documentation says they are both known drug abusers and actively using substances such as methamphetamine, heroin, and fentanyl. Both have recently tested positive for the listed narcotics. Caudle and Crawford also have active unrelated felony warrants.

The mother is known to breast feed the baby.

Their cell phone was pinged in Pelham at 1: 30 a.m. on Friday morning and they were nabbed by the police.

After being cleared by rescue personnel the baby was released to Caswell County Child Protective Services.