Dennis Eaves

How do writer’s write? Where do they come up with ideas, especially for fiction, and write 400 pages about fictional subjects?

How do prolific authors like John Grisham and Lisa Scottoline crank out dozens of best sellers, year after year?

They had to have started somewhere, right? How did they become so popular and why are they automatic bestsellers?

Here in Caswell County, there is a young writer, Dennis Eaves, who is taking the plunge into fictional writing at the age of 18.

The Arlington, Texas transplant has little trouble explaining his motivation and writing methodology about his first book, “Zax and the Three Beasts.”

The kid has got a definite clue.

“Writing is something I started somewhat recently. When I first wrote this book, I wasn’t expecting to publish it as a book. It was just something to write. I had it on my mind for a while,” explained the tall Texan last week.

“Basically, I tend to daydream a lot and walking down the halls of my school going to classes, my mind would just wonder off into these worlds,” Eaves explained.

Eaves would be imagining he lived in a science-fiction world and used it as an escape, “all his life.” Not influenced by the popular “Star Trek” shows, he was taken with movies like “Star Wars” and the Marvel Comics superhero, “Captain America” series. Incidentally, Eaves plans to complete a total of three books (a trilogy) with Zax as the protagonist in each of them.

One down and two to go!

“To be honest, I didn’t really talk to a lot of people about my writing. I created my own little world in my mind that I could put onto paper.”

Eaves said when he imagined a scenario in his head, he was able to verbally describe it. He knew how everything looked and how the actions inter-worked, but he had difficulty putting it into words. The theme also changed quite a bit in the three+ years it took to write the first Zax novel.

“That why I have my editor, Stacy Matkins of Lea Street Press,

here to take care of that type of stuff. She helps with grammar, punctuation, if I make any mistakes or if anything needs more description.”

Matkins played a major role in making sure that the adult readers of Eave’s science-fiction will be able to comprehend and relate to the young author’s writing.

“The story is set in modern days around 2019. I first started writing it in my freshman year of high school. The reason why it took me so long to get it published was I was new at this. Again, I wasn’t even sure if I was going to publish it.”

On the Lea Street Press website, the “Zax and the Three Beasts” story line is described as: “There are many forms of power—money, strength, politics, fame. But there is only one form of absolute power—the power derived from pure energy. Now, what would happen if the power of pure energy was given to a teenage boy? It happened to Zax.”

Sounds very provocative!

When Eaves wasn’t writing or in school, his creative mind kept producing different scenarios and ideas that easily were imagined in his head. He gets ideas at random; sometimes he remembers them or can forget them. He doesn’t write them down and most of the ideas come to him, “in the shower”! Yep, that’s right! Could it be the new cure for writer’s block?

“I have a lot of time to think, in there, and not worry about anything else. I come up with the ideas and most of the time I will remember to try and input them into the story later on. Sometime trying to say too much or giving too much information stifles a reader’s imagination. I want them to let their own imagination take part, too.”

Eaves says that sometimes whether or not he’s getting a really big idea, the shower can last 30 minutes! That big ideas can build onto other things just because ideas begin “piling on top of other things.”

Definitely an incisive listener, Eaves only replies to a question until after he has given it some thought.

“I moved here a few months ago. It’s been pretty nice for being a small town. Sometimes it’s better to get out of a big city area like Arlington if you want to have a clear and a creative mind.”

This new author likes to draw, digitally with a graphics program called Serif (which is a free download). He designed the cover of his own book and produces other personal stuff that he hasn’t “put out there.” He enjoys drawing, not tracing, illustrations with pencil and paper and stays within a science-fiction idiom.

As for hobbies: Creativity outlets usually involve any activity using his hands like drawing, writing and possibly pottery.

In addition to the constant spurts of creativity and his hot shower “think tanks,” Eaves has enrolled this semester at Piedmont Community College here in Caswell County.

“This semester I’m doing digital editing, graphics, Intro to Computers, the basics like math, English and College Transfer Success. I believe PCC has a creative writing class that I’m going to try to get in next semester or next year.”

In a non-simulated reality gig, Eaves works part-time at Caswell Pines Golf Club in Blanch as a cashier and one of the golf starters.

The personable young writer keeps the foursomes teed up on time, collects their green fees and keeps the action rolling at the busy municipal course.

His first book, “Zax and the Three Beasts,” can be ordered from many preferred retailers at their links through:

Lea Street Press, LLC. 336-514-2351