A storm is expected to dive southeastward from central Canada through the Midwest and to the Middle Atlantic coast during the period from Friday through Sunday night.

Along the cold side of the storm track there is the potential for significant snow and ice from the Upper Midwest to the southern states and then up the eastern seaboard.

At this early stage there is still high uncertainty with the eventual track, which will be critical to the placement of the steadiest snow.

By the time the system reacts the East Coast on Sunday there is the possibility for rapid strengthening over the warmer waters of the Atlantic Sunday night into Monday. If the storm tracks close enough to the coast there is the potential for heavy snow and mixed precipitation from the Middle Atlantic to the Northeast Sunday into Monday. In addition, if the storm strengthens as anticipated there will likely be strong winds, especially along the coast.

If the storm tracks farther to the north and west, then there may be a change to heavy rain along the East Coast, with heavy snow back to the Appalachians.

If the storm ends up weaker and a little more offshore the highest accumulations may be closer to the Middle Atlantic coastal region with much less snow across the interior Northeast.

This storm has the potential to cause widespread, major travel disruptions. Any potential travelers during the period should closely monitor AccuWeather for additional updates on the progress of this storm.

For more information on this event, see the AccuWeather.com story here: https://www.accuweather.com/en/winter-weather/snowstorm-likely-to-take-southern-detour-after-burying-midwest/1123882