Remembrance Tree in Milton

Remembrance Christmas Tree in Milton

Due to all the restrictions with COVID, there will not be a traditional lighting of the Christmas Tree located across from Aunt Millie’s Pizza.  Jeff and Tracy Williams, of Milton, will be decorating the tree with lights and encouraging the public to come by and place a ribbon in honor of a loved one that will not be here this Christmas. 

This year has been a very hard year on many people, especially ones that have lost someone this year.  There will be a container with ribbons (of different colors) available so you can write the name of that loved one and place the ribbon on the tree.   You can also bring your own ribbon if you prefer.   

The Remembrance Tree will be ready for ribbons on the weekend of the 28th  and lit at sundown each evening until the first of the year.  Please stop by and leave a ribbon on our tree.  God Bless and Stay Safe.